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The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) offers funding opportunities authorized by legislation to assist public and private entities in the safe and effective management of the waste stream.

Applicants can apply online for many of CalRecycle’s grant programs by using the Grants Management System (GMS). Applicant must first go to the GMS Information page to obtain appropriate access, and then may search the GMS for available grants or go to the specific grant’s webpage for information about the next offering.

Open Applications

Cap-and-Trade brochure

Learn more about how CalRecycle’s greenhouse gas reduction grant and loan programs put Cap-and-Trade dollars to work for California.
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Beverage Container Recycling Grants

Provides funding to assist organizations with establishing convenient beverage container recycling and litter abatement projects, and to encourage market development and expansion activities for beverage container materials.

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Co-Digestion Grants

Provide funding to build new and expanded food waste co-digestion projects at existing wastewater treatment plants to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions by significantly increasing the tonnage of California-generated organic waste diverted from landfills to co-digestion systems.
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SB 1383 Local Assistance Grants

Provides one-time grant funding to support the implementation and regulation requirements associated with SB 1383 such as capacity planning, collection, edible food recovery, education and outreach (includes organic waste & edible food recovery), enforcement and inspection, program evaluation/gap analysis, procurement requirements, and record keeping.

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Edible Food Recovery Grants

Provides grants to support new and expanded edible food recovery and food waste prevention projects (food rescue for people or source reduction) in California. Projects must reduce the amount of food being disposed in landfills, thereby helping to achieve the state’s short-lived climate pollutant goals.

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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grants

Provides grants to promote infrastructure development for recycling manufacturing, composting, and anaerobic digestion facilities in California that divert more materials from landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Grant funds also available for food rescue and food waste prevention projects that benefit disadvantaged communities.

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Farm and Ranch Cleanup Grants

Provides funding to cities, counties, Resource Conservation Districts, and Native American tribes for the cleanup of illegal solid waste sites on farm or ranch property.

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Household Hazardous Waste Grant Program

Provides local government funding for programs to expand or initially implement HHW programs such as collection programs, educational programs, and load checking programs, and programs emphasizing waste reduction, source reduction, reuse or recycling of HHW.

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Local Conservation Corps Grant Program

Provides opportunities for the Local Conservation Corps to provide recycling services and implement litter abatement projects related to the collection and recovery of beverage containers, used oil, electronic waste, and waste tires.

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Local Enforcement Agency Grants

Provides grant funds, based on population and solid waste facilities, to local enforcement agencies (LEA) to assist in their solid waste facilities permit and inspection program.

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Tire products

Tire Recycling, Cleanup, and Enforcement Grants

Several different grants programs are available to local governments for the purpose of diverting tires from landfill disposal by promoting markets of recycled- content products, as well as for enforcement and cleanup.

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Solid Waste Disposal and Site Cleanup Grants

This program allows CalRecycle to expend funds directly for cleanup or emergency actions, provide loans to responsible parties who demonstrate the ability to repay state funds, or provide matching grants to local governments to assist in remediation of illegal disposal sites and legacy solid waste disposal sites that predate current regulations.

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Used Oil Recycling Grants

Provides assistance to local governments, nonprofit entities, and other parties for activities that encourage appropriate disposal and recycling of used oil.

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Payment Programs

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Used Oil Payment Program (OPP)

Provides assistance to local governments to develop and maintain used oil and used oil filter collection/recycling programs.

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City County Beverage Container Recycling Payment Program

Funding available to eligible cities and counties for beverage container recycling and litter cleanup activities.

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Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Loans

Provides direct loans to businesses that use postconsumer or secondary waste materials to manufacture new products, or that undertake projects to reduce the waste resulting from the manufacture of a product.

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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Loans

Provides loans to promote in-state development of infrastructure to process California-generated organics and other recyclable materials into new value-added products.

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Inactive or Discontinued Grants

Listing of CalRecycle’s Inactive and Discontinued Grant and Loan Programs.

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