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CalRecycle offers funding authorized by legislation to help public and private entities create circular waste systems.


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Application and Grant Management Tools

Applicants can apply online for many of CalRecycle’s grant programs by using the Grants Management System (GMS).
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CalRecycle offers competitive funding for projects that help California reach its climate change goals.
Click on the drop-down menus below for lists of grants each category is eligible for. 

Payment Programs

CalRecycle administers payments based on statute to assist in the implementation of used oil and beverage container recycling. 


CalRecycle administers loan programs based on statute to assist recycling manufacturers in waste reduction and climate change initiative infrastructure. 

Used Oil Payment Program (OPP)

Assistance to develop and maintain used oil and used oil filter collection/recycling programs.



Beverage Container Recycling Payment Program

Funding available to eligible cities and counties for beverage container recycling and litter cleanup activities.

Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Loans

Direct loans to businesses that undertake projects to reduce the waste resulting from the manufacture of a product.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Loans

Loans to promote in-state development of infrastructure to process California-generated organics and other recyclable materials into new value-added products.


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