Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program





Eligible entities are:


CalRecycle oversees a competitive grant program to provide funding for collecting, removing, transporting, recycling, and disposing of California waste tires from tire piles and illegal dumping areas.


  • Funds are limited to the removal of waste tires:
    • Along public rights-of-way
    • On private property.
  • This grant has a 2-year grant term and is offered in even years. 


Funding is determined by the Governor’s Budget and CalRecycle’s Five Year Tire Plan.

Eligible Costs

Eligible costs include:

  • Contract costs for tire haulers
  • Equipment rental
  • Materials
  • Personnel time to manage the cleanup of tire piles

If you have questions that are specific to the Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program, contact grants@calrecycle.ca.gov.

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Current Grant Cycle

Application materials for fiscal year (FY) 2024-2025 were due April 9, 2024.

Upcoming Grant Cycle

No upcoming grant cycles at this time.

How to Apply

Watch for the Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) on either of these two web pages:

Online Applications

CalRecycle grant applications are submitted online through the CalRecycle Grants Management System (GMS).