Beverage Container Recycling Grants

The Beverage Container Recycling Grant (BCRG) Program aims to reach and maintain an 80% recycling rate for all California Refund Value (CRV) beverage containers – aluminum, glass, plastic, and bi-metal.


This grant program encourages market development and expansion activities for beverage container materials by helping organizations establish convenient recycling and litter abatement projects. 


  • $1.5 million is available for each grant cycle.
  • $75,000 is the minimum available for individual grant awards.
  • $275,000 is the maximum available for individual grant awards.
  • For Regional/Cooperative applications: $275,000 is the maximum available for the joint grant award, subject to funding availability. 

Eligible applicants include:

  • California cities, counties, state agencies, and other local government entities
  • Special districts (e.g., recreational park districts)
  • Public colleges and universities and public K-12 school districts
  • Non-profit organizations (except private K-12 schools) registered with the federal government under 501(c)3, (c)6, or (c)10 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Qualifying Tribal Entities
  • Joint Powers Authorities


Eligible Costs

Eligible costs are limited to the following:

  • Personnel costs directly related to the start-up/implementation of the project are capped at 25% of the total grant award, such as:
    • Recycling coordinator salaries or wages for those directly involved, students, consultants
  • Purchase of equipment or materials related to infrastructure such as:
    • Beverage container recycling bins/receptacles
    • Cluster bins
    • Lids
    • Receptacle liner
    • In-unit totes (multi-family residential dwellings)
    • Pads/enclosures to accommodate centralized roll-off, balers, scales, optical sorters (for municipality operating its own Material Recovery Facility)
    • Equipment modifications
    • Signage
    • Brochures
    • Installation costs for equipment
  • Service cart for use in collection of materials
  • Laptops, computers, etc.
  • Purchase of water refill stations, including the installation, education and outreach, or replacement of infrastructure, plumbing, maintenance, additional attachments, or modifications.
  • Direct operating expenses associated with project activities.
  • Expenses for an ongoing collection program (excluding single stream).
  • Education activities and/or materials promoting beverage container recycling (not to exceed a maximum cap of 25% of the total grant award). May be included as part of the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Plan for local jurisdiction applicants.
  • Funding must have a direct connection to the CRV of beverage containers and the overall program.
    • If non-CRV items are included in the grant, they are subject to proportional cost.
  • Dual bin collection systems permanently attached together to include landfill and CRV beverage containers are 100% eligible.
  • Litter reduction and cleanup along the United States-Mexico border where the waste stream includes beverage containers that will be recycled.

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Current Grant Cycle

No open applications at this time.

Upcoming Grant Cycles

Application materials for FY 2024-25 and 2025-26 will tentatively be available summer 2024.

How to Apply

Watch for the Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) on either of these two web pages:

Online Applications

CalRecycle grant applications are submitted online through the CalRecycle Grants Management System (GMS).