Our Mission

Protecting California’s environment and climate for the health and prosperity of future generations
through the reduction, reuse and recycling of California resources, environmental education, disaster recovery and
the transition from a disposable to a fully circular economy.

house on fire

wildfire properties cleared

unsold meals sent to Californians in need

used tires

tires recycled

Green bottles and cans close up

bottles and cans recycled since 1986

Join California's Climate Food Fight! Tossing food scraps and yard waste into the trash heats our climate. Instead recycle food scraps and yard waste into green products.
California's consolidated debris removal program has cleared 94% of homes destroyed by wildfires. 1780 properties are enrolled and 1600 properties have been cleared. This is a joint effort between CalOES and CalRecycle

Circular Economy Symposium

Turning Trash into California's Next Innovation Boom
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CalRecycle News

Proposed bonus credits would double recycling refunds to get surplus bottle and can deposits back to Californians

A new plan could bring Californians an extra $100 million in bonus recycling credits and direct $155 million to expand mobile recycling and reverse vending machine locations for consumers to cash in their bottles and cans.

CalRecycle Updates

Helping Wildfire Survivors Recover

Information and Resources

Monthly Public Meeting

CalRecycle’s monthly webcast provides updates, announcements, and a report from Director Rachel Machi Wagoner.

Woman in kitchen putting food scraps in bin

SB 1383 Food and Yard Waste Resources

CalRecycle has launched new webpages to explain SB 1383, the state’s new food and yard waste recycling law. The law sets targets to:

  • Cut organic waste disposal 75% by 2025
  • Send at least 20% of surplus, still fresh food to Californians in need by 2025.
trash on beach

Sustainable Food Packaging for State-Owned Facilities

In a groundbreaking law, California is taking a first step to reduce the amount of food service packaging thrown away and littered in the environment by requiring certain food service facilities to serve customers with packaging that is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

CalEPA Enforcement Statement

CalEPA will continue to respond, investigate, and – when necessary – take action on complaints related to environmental non-compliance. CalEPA will also fill any enforcement gaps left by the U.S. EPA’s decision to reduce environmental oversight. We will also maintain our capacity to respond to emergencies.


Gavin Newsom


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 Jared Blumenfeld
Secretary for Environmental Protection

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Rachel Machi Wagoner
Director of CalRecycle


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