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Protecting California’s environment and climate for the health and prosperity of future generations through the reduction, reuse and recycling of California resources, environmental education, disaster recovery and the transition from a disposable to a fully circular economy.

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Wildfire Recovery

The Road to Wildfire Recovery

Wildfire debris removal is underway. Track the progress property by property with this interactive map.

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New SB 1383 Resources

CalRecycle has launched new webpages to explain SB 1383, the state’s new organics recycling law. SB 1383 establishes targets to reduce organic waste disposal 50% by 2020 and 75% by 2025 and rescue for people to eat at least 20% of currently disposed surplus food by 2025.

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Sustainable Packaging for the State of California Act of 2018 (SB 1335)

Sustainable Food Packaging for State-Owned Facilities

In a groundbreaking law, California is taking a first step to reduce the amount of food service packaging thrown away and littered in the environment by requiring certain food service facilities to serve customers with packaging that is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

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Worker at recycling facilityCalEPA Enforcement Statement

CalEPA will continue to respond, investigate, and – when necessary – take action on complaints related to environmental non-compliance. CalEPA will also fill any enforcement gaps left by the U.S. EPA’s decision to reduce environmental oversight. We will also maintain our capacity to respond to emergencies.

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