Billion Bottles and Cans Recycled

Billion Pounds of E-Waste Recycled

Million Waste Tires Recycled

Million Tons of Disaster Debris Cleaned Up

Million Mattresses Collected

Billion Pounds of Carpet Collected

Million Gallons of Paint Collected

Million Unsold Meals Sent to Californians in Need

Billion Gallons of Used Oil Recycled


CA Communities Expanded Still-Fresh Unsold Food Donation Programs


CA Communities with Residential Organic Waste Collection


Beverage Container Recycling Rate

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Our Mission

Protecting California’s environment and climate for the health and prosperity of future generations through the reduction, reuse and recycling of California resources, environmental education, disaster recovery and the transition from a disposable to a fully circular economy.

Upcoming Events

SB 1383 Food and Yard Waste Resources

CalRecycle has launched new webpages to explain SB 1383, the state’s new food and yard waste recycling law. The law sets targets to:

  • Cut organic waste disposal 75% by 2025
  • Send at least 20% of surplus, still fresh food to Californians in need by 2025.

SB 343: Accurate Recycling Labels

Increasing recycling in California first requires accurate labels on recyclables. The law outlaws manufacturers and others from selling products or packaging labeled as recyclable unless the items are regularly collected and processed for recycling in the state.

SB 54: Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act

Packaging is about 25% of waste landfilled in California. Senate Bill 54 (SB 54, Allen, Chapter 75, Statutes of 2022) established the Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act.
This law sets the first specific source reduction goals in US history, a critical step to build a circular, reuse economy.

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