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Recycling Center Closures

RePlanet LLC recently closed 281 CRV take-back centers. CalRecycle has compiled information about the closures. Consumers can search on our Beverage Container Recycling Centers webpage for a nearby take-back center. We also have a list of retailers that redeem in-store.

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New Statewide Commission on Recycling 

In 2019, Governor Newsom signed into law The California Recycling Market Development Act, which requires CalRecycle to convene a Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling. CalRecycle will begin assembling the commission by the end of 2019.

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Debris Recovery

CalRecycle is proud to work alongside California communities to assist in the cleanup and recovery from wildfires and other disasters. CalRecycle has information available for residents and contractors interested in debris cleanup or hazard tree removal operations.

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