Composting operation

This page is an information resource to solid waste local enforcement agencies (LEA). CalRecycle is responsible for ensuring that State waste management programs are primarily carried out through LEAs.

LEAs have the primary responsibility for ensuring the correct operation and closure of solid waste facilities in the state. They also have responsibilities for guaranteeing the proper storage and transportation of solid wastes.

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  • Guidance for Enforcement Agencies (EAs) on Hosting Virtual Public Meetings. Unforeseen circumstances may sometimes make in-person informational meetings infeasible. CalRecycle encourages EAs to consider hosting virtual public meetings to engage with the public in order to comply with informational meeting requirements and to support the timely review of SWF permit applications.
  • A Field Method for Estimating the Level of Physical Contamination in Compostable Material This webpage is intended to provide guidance and serve as one method of meeting the physical contamination requirements of 14 CCR Sections 17862.1, 17868.3.1, and 17896.61.
  • Odor Best Management Practice Feasibility Report This webpage is intended to provide guidance and serve as a sample for the preparation of an odor best management practice feasibility report.
  • Land Application This webpage provides local enforcement agencies and other interested parties with information regarding the land application of compostable materials and/or digestate.
  • Environmental Justice map In an effort to bring transparency to siting facilities that handle organic materials, existing facilities are overlaid in a map with communities that are disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.
  • Invasive Shot Hole Borer Find out about this emerging pest in Southern California and how it can easily spread through the movement of green waste.