Used Oil Recycling Program

CalRecycle’s Used Oil Recycling Program promotes alternatives to illegal disposal and encourages the recycling of used oil.




Major Program Goals

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How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

General Public

  • You can take your oil to a certified collection center.
  • Many communities have curbside recycling programs that allow you to leave your oil at the curb (properly packaged).
  • You can have your oil changed by a service station that recycles the oil for you.

Certified Haulers


Public Service Announcements

3000 Mile Myth
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Used Oil Should Be Recycled
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Used Oil Should Always Be Recycled
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Recicle Aceite Usado (En Español)
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What Are the Hazards of Used Oil?

Used oil can contain such contaminants as lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, chlorides, cadmium, and chlorinated compounds.

Oil poured down drains or onto the ground can work its way into our ground and surface waters and cause serious pollution. One gallon of used oil can foul a million gallons of drinking water. 

How Can You Help?

You can participate in oil recycling by following these tips:

  • Drain your used oil into a clean container.
  • Do not mix any other materials, including water, with used oil.
  • Take your used oil to a household hazardous waste collection facility or a used oil collection site. To find the collection center nearest you, call 1-800-CLEANUP or see our database of certified used oil collection centers.

What Is California Doing?

  • CalRecycle has certified over 3,000 used oil collection centers that will take used oil from the public and even pay a 40-cent-per-gallon recycling incentive.
  • CalRecycle also offers grants to local governments for used oil collection and education programs.
  • CalRecycle works with other State agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the Coastal Commission, to deliver used oil recycling messages.
  • California Environmental Protection Agency’s toll-free hotline number 1-800-CLEANUP