CalRecycle Decisions and Public Participation

CalRecycle prioritizes operating in an open, transparent manner and providing opportunities for interested parties to participate in our decision-making processes.

  • This page and linked information will inform you about:
  • Ongoing activities
  • Upcoming and past decisions
  • Opportunities to provide input

Permit Determinations


  • Solid waste facility and waste tire facility permits
  • Temporary permits
  • Permit revisions and permit modifications
  • Related documents

Available for review:

Grants, Payments, Loan Proposals, and Awards

CalRecycle’s Public Notices page provides a listing of all:

  • Grant/loan criteria
  • Payments
  • Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA)
  • Recently approved grants, payments, and loans

Workshops, Meetings and Other Events

  • Monthly Meetings. Agendas, documents, and other information for upcoming meetings conducted by CalRecycle.
  • Interested Parties Workshops. Agendas and documents for upcoming workshops, such as new policy or program initiatives or program updates. Note: these may be held after the Monthly Meetings or on separate dates.
    • Beverage Container Recycling Program
    • Materials Management and Local Assistance Division
    • Waste Permitting, Compliance, and Mitigation Division
  • Regulation Development Meetings and Workshops. Notices and documents that are part of informal and formal regulation development activities. Note: these may be held as part of the Monthly Public Meetings or on separate dates.
  • CalRecycle Meetings and EventsLinks to listings of public events, workshops, and/or meetings that CalRecycle either participates in or sponsors.

Other Decisions

Laws and Regulations Relevant to Current Public Proceedings

  • RegulationsApproved regulations pertaining to waste management and beverage container recycling
  • Statutes. California laws relating to integrated waste management


Submit Your Comments on Draft Regulations

Information on how to submit comments on draft/proposed regulations is posted at the appropriate time on the web page for each rulemaking.

Each CalRecycle-proposed regulatory change has a page on this site with detailed information about the process, including:

  • Current status
  • Staff contact
  • Notices
  • Affected laws
  • Text of proposed changes
  • Public meetings
  • Other opportunities for input
  • How to submit comments

See the Proposed Rulemaking page for a listing of current rulemaking packages and whether they are currently open for public comment.

For more information contact, the Office of Public Affairs,