As a part of California’s continued commitment to reduce the amount of solid waste entering landfills, state agencies and facilities are required to meet waste diversion goals. State agencies are also required to buy postconsumer recycled content products when making purchases in 11 different categories. Buying recycled is critical as it helps create market demand for recycled materials.

State agencies submit two annual reports to CalRecycle:

This site assists state government waste reduction/recycling coordinators and procurement officers in their efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, and buy recycled.

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State Agency Waste Management:

  • The Waste Management Annual Report (SARC) is due by May 1 each year.
  • NEW: Annual Report Training Videos. This is a step-by-step training, instructing users how to move through the electronic reporting system.
  • AB 2812 (Gordon, Chapter 530, Statutes of 2016), each state agency is required to provide adequate receptacles, signage, education, and staffing, and arrange for recycling services consistent with existing recycling requirements for each office building of the state agency or large state facility. At least once per year, each covered state agency and large state facility is required to review the adequacy and condition of receptacles for recyclable material and of associated signage, education, and staffing. Additionally, each state agency is required to include in its annual report a summary of its compliance with the act.
  • AB 1826 – (Mandatory Organics Recycling) Is your Agency in Compliance? CalRecycle has developed a number of tools to assist State Agencies with identification, education, and outreach campaigns for California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling law.

State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC)

  • SABRC Reports are due by October 31st each year.
  • Starting January 1, 2020, the percent of required SABRC reportable purchases is increasing from 50 percent to 75 percent (except for product categories paint, antifreeze, and tires, which remains at the 50 percent requirement). The Minimum Postconsumer Content Requirement for each product category remains unchanged. (Public Contract Code Section 12203).
  • Management Memo No. 15-06, State Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Operation, issued by DGS, requires "a minimum 3-inch layer of mulch shall be applied on all exposed soil surfaces of planting areas" and other drought-related orders.