How Are We Doing?

To date, state agencies have helped to close the recycling loop and have purchased more than $1 billion of State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC)-compliant postconsumer recycled-content products. Annual results are made available either through a published annual report or in a statistical procurement summary.

State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) Reporting Results

Annually, CalRecycle publishes the “State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) Reporting Results.” The report provides an overview of state agency purchasing of postconsumer recycled-content products. Public Contract Code Sections 12200-12217 require state agencies to choose products made with postconsumer recycled content (PCRC) and require state agencies to report to CalRecycle annually on the results of their recycled content purchases within 11 categories of material types. This publication is based on the review of each state agency’s submitted report. In addition, CalRecycle analyzes the data to produce statistical reports, monitors each agency’s performance, identifies special needs, provides technical assistance and identifies potential obstacles and market trends. Annual publications are listed below, and some are posted also in CalRecycle’s Publications Catalog. If you prefer to view the annual data only in table format, please refer to documents in the next section, “Annual Procurement Summary by Agency and Product Category.”

Available publications may be downloaded below.

Annual Procurement Summary by Agency and Product Category

For reporting cycles where both calendar year (CY) and fiscal year (FY) are noted, fairs reported SABRC-compliant purchases on a calendar year basis and other state agencies reported on a fiscal year basis. Data from the reports was combined into the SABRC Annual Report and the Product Category Summary. Starting in 2015, fairs are not required to submit their prior year data. (For example, fairs were not required to submit data for the 2014 calendar year.) Therefore, data will only be presented for fiscal years, starting with FY 2014-2015. Reporting agencies or entities submit their data on October 31st each year or the following business day, if October 31st falls on a weekend. The data is posted after CalRecycle staff review.

Available compiled reports may be downloaded below.

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