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  • Learn how to report fraudulent recycling activities
  • Beverage Container Recycling Program Locator (updated continuously)
    Beverage Container Programs searchable data: Recyclers, Processors, Dropoff or Collection Programs, Community Service Programs, Curbside Programs, Agencies.
  • Convenience Zone (CZ) & Recycling Center (RC) Status Report
    This is the master list of all active convenience zones, listing the recycling center in the zone when applicable. In cases where there are multiple recyclers in a single zone, that zone (“instance”) number will be listed once for each recycling center. Information will display in alphabetical and numerical order by county, city, and zone/instance number. You may also sort by individual column headings, such as “City” or “Instance Status” by selecting the column heading. This report can be exported to Excel (see bottom of grid), or you can generate a formatted PDF report (see button at upper right of grid). Learn more about convenience zones.


Predatory Pricing


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