Handling Fees

Handling fees are monthly payments made by CalRecycle to recycling centers that meet certain eligibility requirements.
CalRecycle makes handling fee payments to recyclers to provide incentives for the convenient redemption of empty beverage containers.

A recycler may be eligible for handling fees if they meet the conditions of the law (PRC 14514.7 and PRC 14525.5.1).
Conditions include:

  • The recycler is certified, operational, and redeems all empty CRV beverage container types.
  • The recycler is the only recycler in a convenience zone determined by CalRecycle.
  • If a recycler is a for-profit business in an urban area, the recycling center must be on-site or next to a beverage dealer. 
  • If the recycling center is in a rural area or is a non-profit, it can be located anywhere in the convenience zone.

Helpful Information

  • Handling Fee Guidelines: Information for recyclers about applying to receive handling fee payments (revised July 2015).

For questions about Handling Fee Eligibility, contact Convenience Zone Unit staff at HFSiteEligibility@CalRecycle.ca.gov or (916) 322-2231.

For information on the Handling Fee Payment Process or for questions about the status of a Handling Fee Claim, contact Convenience Zone Unit staff at HFPaymentStatus@CalRecycle.ca.gov or (916) 322-2234.


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