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Certified Recycling Center Responsibility to Prevent Illegal Payment of CRV

Commingled and Segregated Rates

2021 Rate Hearing and 2022 Methodology Public Workshops

Payment by Count

Revised January 12, 2011: Payment By Count

Processing Fees and Payments
Recycling Rates
Redemption of the "Plastic Can" Beverage Container
Retail Dealers
U.C. Berkeley Study

April 16, 2003: California Beverage Container Recycling & Litter Reduction Study
A report to the California Legislature which compares California’s bottle bill to those of other states.

June 17, 2019: Convenient Beverage Recycling in California
A report to CalRecycle to better understand what Californians perceive to be “convenient recycling opportunities” and assist in crafting good policies for the future of the beverage container recycling program.