Toll-Free Telephone Line for Reporting Fraudulent Beverage Container Recycling Activities


To help reduce illegal activity in the beverage container recycling program, the Division of Recycling has set up a toll-free tip hotline. To report suspicious recycling activities, please call us toll-free at 1-866-CANLOAD (1-866-226-5623).

Any of the following activities could be fraudulent and should be reported:

  • Importing beverage containers from outside of California
  • Hiding large quantities of used beverage containers
  • Recycling beverage containers that came from outside of California
  • Recycling currently baled or previously baled beverage containers
  • Recycling beverage containers that have already been recycled
  • Improper record keeping practices at recycling centers
  • Recycling beverage containers that were never filled with a beverage
  • Vehicles with license plates other than from California that are carrying loads of used beverage containers
  • Activity at a recycling center after normal business hours
  • Commercial or self-haul type trucks being used to deliver beverage containers to a recycling center

When reporting the fraudulent activity, please provide the following:

  • Names and descriptions of individuals
  • Address or location where activity occurred
  • License plate number and description of vehicle(s) involved
  • Description of illegal activity taking place, as well as time and date it occurred

CalRecycle provides recyclers and processors with a free copy of this fraud reporting sign. By posting this sign at their place of business, recyclers and processors can help discourage fraudulent recycling activities. To obtain a sign, print the PDF files below, or complete the fraud sign request form.

If you have a 11″x17″ or 8 1/2″x14″ color printer, you can open the following pdf files to print your own: