East End Project

Products That Passed Section 01350 Air Emissions Tests

Below is a list of products that passed Section 01350 for use in the Capitol Area East End Complex (CAEEC) Block 225 project in Sacramento, California. Please note that even though these products passed Section 01350 for use in this State construction project, there may be products that would not pass for use in other environments such as schools.

The information below is based on a specific ventilation rate of 0.75 air changes per hour (ACH), surface area the product covers (square feet–ft.2, square meters–m2, or linear feet–LF), and various building areas served by the same HVAC system. It is critical to keep track of these factors in determining whether or not these products will pass or fail for your projected end use. To determine whether these products would pass for your project, contact the manufacturer and ask for an environmental manager or technical specialist.

Block 225, Office Building

Specification SectionDescriptionProduct / AssemblySurface Area Product CoversArea of Space Served by Same HVACAverage Ceiling HeightTest Date
06400Architectural WoodworkMedite II with Pionoite Laminate Assembly17,385 ft283,757 m39 ftOctober 11, 2001
06400Architectural WoodworkMedite II with Cherry Wood Veneer Assembly413 ft283,757 m39 ftNovember 17, 2001
07900Acoustical SealantOSI Pro Series SC-17530,000 LF83,757 m39 ftApril 4, 2002
07900Sound Control SealantMiracle SCS-10030,000 LF83,757 m39 ftJanuary 3, 2002
07900Acoustical SealantUSG Sheetrock Brand14,800 LF83,757 m39 ftMarch 12, 2002
09635Stone SealerStoneTech Professional Porous Pro6,000 ft215,561m39 ftJanuary 8, 2002
09650Resilient TileStratica Floor Tile & Amtico Universal 2-Part Adhesive1942 m215,561m39 ftMay 28, 2002
09650Resilient TileForbo Linoleum Sheet Flooring & Forbo L-910 Adhesive Assembly694 m215,561 m39 ftSeptember 17, 2001
09686Carpet TileShaw Carpet Tile & 5000 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Assembly23,070 m283,757 m39 ftNovember 7, 2001
09722Acoustical Wall CoveringXorel Fabric Wall Covering & Whisper Walls Panel Assembly1,092 m283,757 m39 ftNovember 3, 2001
09900Paints & Coatings061 Aqua Seal by Frazee Paint Co.41,917 m283,757 m39 ftFebruary 8, 2002
09900Paints & Coatings066 EnviroKote Primer by Frazee Paint Co.41,917 m283,757 m39 ftMay 1, 2002
09900Paints & Coatings018 EnviroKote Flat by Frazee Paint Co.41,917 m283,757 m39 ftFebruary 19, 2001
09900Paints & Coatings029 EnviroKote Eggshell by Frazee Paint Co.41,917 m283,757 m39 ftFebruary 19, 2001
09900Paints & Coatings032 EnviroKote Semi-Gloss by Frazee Paint Co.1,905m283,757 m39 ftFebruary 19, 2001
10270Access FlooringW.F. Taylor Envirotec Healthguard #105 Pedestal Adhesive1,430 m2

Equivalent to 133 Gallons for 7,500 Pedestals

83,757 m39 ftAugust 29, 2001

For more information contact: Office of Public Affairs, opa@calrecycle.ca.gov