City of San Francisco: Golden Gate Concourse Underground Parking Facility

The Board awarded the city of San Francisco a direct grant in the amount of $25,000. This grant was to advance the use of California waste tires by incorporating them into the construction of a public walkway in the Golden Gate Concourse Underground Parking Facility. This facility was one of San Francisco’s Green Building pilot projects and therefore, special attention was to be given to ensure that the project was designed and constructed in an environmentally sustainable and energy efficient manner. The grant required the City to submit a final evaluation report to the CIWMB with the following information:

  • Project summary
  • Methods used to evaluate the success of the project
  • A description of what green building and waste tire products were used in the project
  • An evaluation of the green building material and techniques incorporated into the project
  • A discussion of the successes, problems encountered and lessons learned from the project

Project Update: Due to numerous construction delays, the City was unable to complete the project before the grant term expired on April 30, 2004.

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