California Youth Authority Direct Grant

The California Youth Authority (CYA) received a $150,000 direct grant from the CIWMB at its Board meeting in April 2003. These grant funds were awarded for the incorporation of California waste tire products into multiple youth facilities throughout the State. At the end of the grant term, the CYA provided an evaluation to the Board including:

  • A summary of the various projects.
  • A description of the recycled content products used.
  • An evaluation of the recycled content and tire-derived building materials used in the products.
  • A description of both the positive and negative experiences CYA had with the products.

The grant term ended on April 15, 2005.

Project Outcome: These funds were used to incorporate recycled rubber products into four (4) youth facilities throughout the State of California. The materials incorporated into these facilities were Inter-locking recycled rubber matting. Applications for this product varied from pool areas and showers to basketball courts and living units.

The evaluation of these products, in most applications was positive; however, CYA staff did find some issues when they used these products in certain exterior applications. These were reported to include fading, being too hot to walk on with bare feet in sunny conditions, and expansion and contraction of the edges with changes of temperature.

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