Contracts With Local Government and State

The CIWMB, now called California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), allocated $500,000 for green building contracts with local governments and State agencies. Five proposals were recommended and approved for funding at the April 16-17, 2002 Board meeting, totaling $369,888.

These projects advanced the concept of sustainable building and the use of waste tires in building projects. They also provided CalRecycle with evaluation data as to the efficacy of the products and techniques used.

For background information on the original solicitation see the Questions and Answers.

JurisdictionFunding Amount
Sonoma County$74,903.00
City of Los Angeles$74,940.40
County of Marin$75,000.00
Inland Empire Utilities Agency$75,000.00
City of San Bruno$70,044.60

Contract Project Summaries, Deliverables and Photos

The following jurisdictions received funding to incorporate sustainable building materials and techniques into their local building projects. The funds were also for the incorporation of waste tire building materials. These contracts are now closed, if deliverables or photographs were received for a specific project, they will be located under their respective project summaries.

Sonoma County
Description of project: This project was to incorporate several sustainable building components, and tire-derived products into a new county administration building.

Project Outcome: Due to numerous construction delays beyond their control, the new county administration building was not able to be completed during the contract term.

Contact: Karina Chilcott
(707) 565-3668

City of Los Angeles
Description of project: This project was to incorporate the use of recycled content products into 3 new construction projects. They were also going to develop educational tools that would be used in the future to highlight the benefits of using recycled content materials and incorporating sustainable building techniques.

Project Outcome: Due to budget and staffing constraints, the City decided not to implement the contract at this time.

County of Marin
Description of project: This project was to create a new green building program, adopt a construction and demolition ordinance, and install a rubber sidewalk demonstration project in a low-income community.

Project Outcomes: During the duration of the grant term, the County of Marin was able to:

  • create and implement a Green Building Program,
  • prepare and adopt a C & D waste ordinance,
  • complete a rubber sidewalk demonstration project, and
  • expand their program to other Marin cities.

Contact: Dawn Weisz
(415) 507-2706

Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA)
Description of project: This project was to incorporate waste tires and recycled content materials into the construction of a sustainable headquarters building.

Project Outcome: IEUA was able to incorporate recycled content materials into their new headquarters building, as well as into the landscape. The materials that were purchased through grant funds are listed below:

  • Rubber Mulch for the exterior landscaping;
  • Restroom Countertops;
  • Ceramic Tiles; and
  • Ceiling Tiles

They also incorporated additional recycled content and/or sustainable products into their two, 33,000 square feet Headquarters Buildings. Those products are: Restroom partitions, parking stops, landscape header board, and recycled carpet. These buildings received LEED Platinum certification, they were the first public agency in the nation to receive this ranking.

Contact: Laura Cashion
(909) 357-0241 x448

City of San Bruno
Description of project:
 This project was to fund the construction of restroom facilities using recycled content, waste tires and reused building materials.

Project Outcome: Due to economic and other various factors outside of their control, the City of San Bruno was unable to fulfill the terms of this contract.

Contact: Jerry Bradshaw
(650) 616-7179

For more information contact, the Office of Public Affairs,