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To obtain or revise a solid waste facility permit, each solid waste facility operator must file with the LEA/EA a Report of Facility Information (RFI) or other report or plan as required by regulation. A complete and correct permit application submittal is required to be supported by a new, revised, or amended RFI. An RFI is an operations and design plan that describes the facility and how it will comply with State Minimum Standards. RFIs are required to be kept current. In certain cases, an RFI Amendment can be approved without revising the permit. While the notification tier does not include a requirement for an RFI, some notification sites and operations require submittal of an “operation plan”.

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The type of report or plan (and required information) depends on the type of facility and/or the type of permit. The chart on this page identifies the type of report or plan needed, providing a link to the regulations which describe the required content. Printer friendly version.

Types of RFIs or Plans Required for Each Type of Facility

Types of Facilities or Operations that Require an RFI or PlanPermit TierRequired ReportRegulation Describing Report
LandfillFullReport of Disposal Site Information (RDSI) (Draft Guidance Tool) or Joint Technical Document (JTD) if RDSI information is combined with Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) and closure plan information.Title 27 
Section 21600
CDI Waste Disposal Facilities:
Title 14 Section 17388.5
Title 27
Section 21590
Compost Facility/OperationFull or RegistrationReport of Compost Site Information (RCSI) Title 14, Section 18227
Registration or Notification
Odor Impact Minimization Plan (OIMP)Title 14, Section 17863.4

In-vessel Digestion Facility/Operation

FullIn-Vessel Digestion ReportTitle 14, Section 18221.6.1
RegistrationIn-Vessel Digestion Facility PlanTitle 14, Section 18221.5.1
Registration, or
Odor Minimization PlanTitle 14, Section 17896.31
Large Volume Transfer/Processing FacilityFullTransfer/Processing Report (TPR) Title 14, 
Section 18221.6
Medium Volume Transfer/Processing Facility RegistrationFacility Plan Title 14, Section 18221.5
Direct Transfer Facility
Contaminated Soil Disposal FacilityStandardizedReport of Contaminated Soil Disposal Site InformationTitle
14, Section 18224
Nonhazardous Ash Disposal/Monofill Facility StandardizedReport of Nonhazardous Ash Disposal Site Information Title
Section 18226
Large Volume CDI Debris Processing Facility
FullCDI Debris Processing Facility ReportSection 18223.5
Large Volume C&D Wood Debris Chipping and Grinding Facilities
Inert Debris Processing FacilityInert Debris Processing Facility Report
Medium Volume Construction and Demolition/Inert (CDI) Debris Processing FacilitiesRegistrationCDI Debris Processing Facility PlanTitle 14, Section 18223
Medium Volume C&D Wood Debris Chipping and Grinding FacilitiesC&D Wood Debris Chipping and Grinding Plan
Inert Debris Type A Disposal Facilities:
Title 14 Section 17388.4
Disposal Facility Plan
Small Volume CDI Debris Processing Operation: Section
Notification Operation PlanSection 17386
Inert Debris Processing Operation Type A
Small Volume C&D Wood Debris Chipping and Grinding Operation
Inert Debris Engineered Fill Operation:
Title 14 Section 17388.3
Section 17390
Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility Disposing Nonhazardous, Nonputrescible, Industrial Solid WasteRegistrationNonhazardous, Nonputrescible, Industrial Solid Waste Codisposal Plan Title 14, 
Section 18225
exempt from the requirements of a permit
N/AApplicable sections of a RFI/RDSI/JTD to establish that an exemption should be granted.Title
27, Section 21565.5
Operations in the notification tier are not currently required to file an RFI but may be required to submit an "operations plan".
NotificationCompost operations in the notification tier are required to submit an OIMP.  CDI operations in the notification tier are required to submit an "operations plan".Title
14, Section 18103

Draft RDSI Guidance Modules

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The requirements for an RDSI are divided into 9 parts. Guidance for the first part is now available for review:

Also available for review is a new handout:

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