Landfill Closure Loan Program: Discontinued

The Landfill Closure Loan Program (LCLP) provided low or interest-free loans for operators of older-technology, unlined landfills who desire to close early to avoid or mitigate potential environmental problems caused or threatened by continued operation of the site. No funding for the LCLP was budgeted for fiscal year 2011/12. Furthermore, via statue, LCLP sunsets as of July 1, 2012.

Past Cycles

The LCLP provided funding opportunities during past fiscal years (FY):


Landfill closure loans awarded by CalRecycle.

Fiscal YearOperator NameFacility NameLoan Amount ($)
2004-05City of PortolaPortola Landfill168,000
2004-05County of TuolumneTuolumne Central Jamestown Landfill472,000
2005-06County of ButteNeal Road Landfill500,000
2006-07County of ImperialPalo Verde Solid Waste Site55,214
2006-07County of ImperialHoltville Solid Waste Site221,340
2006-07Humboldt Waste Management AuthorityCummings Road Landfill363,446
2007-08County of TuolumneTuolumne Central Jamestown Landfill500,000
2007-08Humboldt Waste Management AuthorityCummings Road Landfill136,554
2008-09County of KernButtonwillow Landfill320,000
2008-09County of KernLost Hills Landfill320,000
2009-10No Loans Awarded  
2010-11County of TrinityWeaverville Landfill147,157

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