Grant and Loan Programs for Enforcement or Cleanup to Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Central

Local government entities, including LEAs, have responsibility for ensuring the correct operation and closure of solid waste and tire facilities, as well as the cleanup of illegal solid waste sites or tire piles. They also have responsibilities for guaranteeing the proper storage and transportation of solid wastes and tires.

Use the list below to access more detailed information about grant and loan programs currently available to local government to assist in the cleanup of waste disposal locations, and to LEAs to assist in their solid waste facility permit and inspection programs.

Current Programs

Enforcement Agency Grants

Cleanup Grants and Loans

Past Grant and Loan Programs

    • Landfill Closure Loan Program (LCLP): Provided zero interest loans to operators of unlined, older-technology landfills to facilitate early closure of their facilities. No funding for the LCLP was budgeted for fiscal year 2011/12. Furthermore, via statue, LCLP sunsets as of July 1, 2012.
    • Liquefied Natural Gas from Landfill Gas Demonstration Grant: This competitive grant provided funding for implementation of a landfill gas to liquefied natural gas commercial-scale demonstration project at a permitted solid waste landfill in California. There is currently no funding available or planned for solicitation.