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Now Hiring CalRecycle’s SB 54
Plastic and Packaging Recycling Team!

Environmental Careers for a Brighter Future

CalRecycle’s vision is to inspire and challenge Californians to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, and reuse goals in the nation.

Make a Difference

Our employees make a tangible, positive impact on California’s public health and environment. We have a proven track record of protecting the environment, reducing pollution, and increasing recycling.

Help California Shape Environmental Progress

California leads the nation on protecting the environment and minimizing the effects of climate change. As a state department, CalRecycle tackles issues related to how Californians use manage, and dispose of resources, and the effect those actions have on the environment. This is an exciting time to join our team. Over the next few years, CalRecycle is implementing new recycling programs throughout the state that will revolutionize the way we manage materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of materials discarded into landfills.

Current Job Openings

Environmental Jobs with State Employee Benefits

Office of Innovation Deputy Director

Now hiring a leader to help grow recycling and remanufacturing businesses in California as the solution to climate and plastic pollution! Give support, grants and loans to green companies to create a circular reuse economy.

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Why Work for CalRecycle

California has long been a global leader in addressing environmental issues and climate change. CalRecycle employees make a meaningful difference to California by protecting public health and the environment.

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Explore Opportunities at CalRecycle

CalRecycle has a broad and dynamic scope of work that offers a variety of career paths.

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How to Apply

As a state department, CalRecycle accepts applications through a civil service, merit-based process designed to provide a fair and equal employment opportunity to all applicants.

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