Public Agencies: Are You in Compliance?

California Public Contract Code: Rerefined Oil and Recycled Product Procurement

California State SealThe following are excerpts from the California Public Contract Code, effective January 1994, relating to the purchasing of rerefined oil and recycled products by local agencies:

“PRC 10409. Every local agency, as defined in Sec. 17518 of the Government Code, shall purchase lubricating oil from the seller whose oil product contains the greater percentage of recycled oil, if the availability, fitness, quality, and price of the recycled-oil product is otherwise equal to, or better than, virgin-oil products. This section shall not prohibit a local agency from purchasing virgin-oil products for exclusive use in vehicles whose warranties expressly prohibit the use of products containing recycled oil. As added by AB 1570 (Sher), Stats. 1989, c. 1226, and amended by AB 2076 (Sher), Stats. 1991, c. 817, and AB 3073 (Sher), Stats. 1992, c. 1101.”

“PRC 12210. (a) Fitness and quality being equal, all local and state public agencies shall purchase recycled products instead of non-recycled products whenever available at no more than the total costs of non-recycled products. All local public agencies may give preference to the suppliers of recycled products. All local public agencies may determine the amount of this preference. As added by AB 4 (Eastin), Stats. 1989, c. 1094.”

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