About the Waste Tire Manifest Program

Public Resources Code Section 42961.5 requires CalRecycle to develop a “California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest.” The intent is to “close the loop” on accountability by requiring copies of each manifest or comprehensive trip log to be submitted to CalRecycle for monitoring tire movement within California. The law also allows for data to be submitted electronically to CalRecycle (see electronic data transfer for more information). In addition, regulations have been developed to provide guidance and procedures in meeting manifest system requirements.

Waste Tire Manifest System

The Waste Tire Manifest System is a tracking mechanism used by CalRecycle to monitor the generation, transportation, and ultimate disposal of used/waste tires in California. The goal of the system is to help eliminate illegal storage or disposal of used/waste tires by allowing CalRecycle to focus enforcement efforts on worst offenders. The components of the system include:


The California Tire Recycling Act (established 1989) mandates CalRecycle to regulate and manage waste tires within California. SB 876 was passed in 2000 to augment the California Tire Recycling Act by further strengthening the management of used/waste tires within California. SB 876 creates major changes in how CalRecycle administers and regulates the used/waste tire industry. Some of the changes include:

  •  Enforcement and regulations relating to the storage of used/waste tires.
  •  Cleanup, abatement, or other remedial actions related to tire stockpiles.
  •  Research directed at promoting and developing alternatives to landfill disposal of tires.
  •  Market development and new technologies for used/waste tires.
  •  Development of a used/waste tire hauler program and manifest system.


For the purposes of the waste tire manifest system, information on the comprehensive trip log that can be claimed confidential are “load type” and “load amount” and the specific transaction between the generator and hauler (pick up) and between the hauler and end use facility (delivery) for a given load. More Information.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov