Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) Instructions

CTL Overview The Comprehensive Trip Log form (CalRecycle 203) is a three-copy form used to document each pickup and delivery of waste tires. The form has three tear-off receipts used to document each waste/used tire transaction. If waste/used tires are unloaded and stored for any period of time, the storage location becomes the end use facility and a “delivery” must be shown. The next time the tires are moved, the storage location becomes the generator site and a new receipt must be completed showing a “pickup.”


  1. Write your Decal Number in the boxes provided.
  2. Write your Vehicle License Plate and the State of Issuance in the boxes provided.
  3. Print the Hauler Business Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. If a business stamp or preprinted label is used, stamp/label all three copies of the Comprehensive Trip Log (Original, CalRecycle and Hauler copies). Check box, if common carrier exempt.
  4. Print Driver’s Name, in the space provided.
  5. The Driver shall Sign the form and enter the Date the CTL is being used.
  6. As pickup and deliveries are made, the Driver will complete all required information in Receipts A, B, and C, respectively, for each tire transaction that is made, regardless of the amount of tires. Each receipt shall contain the following information:
    1. Complete Hauler Tire Program Identification Number.
    2. Hauler Telephone Number
    3. Whether the tire transaction is a “Pickup” or “Delivery;” check appropriate box.
    4. Date of the tire transaction (month, day, year; i.e. 03/18/05)
    5. Type of tire count (Whole Tire, Volume in cubic yards, Weight in Pounds, or Weight in Tons); check appropriate box.
    6. Amount of tires; this is the quantity of tires (use decimal for tons only)
    7. Complete Facility Tire Program Identification Number with suffix.
    8. Facility Telephone number
    9. Facility Business Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. If a business stamp or preprinted label is used, stamp/label all three (3) copies of the Comprehensive Trip Log (Original, CalRecycle copies).
    10. Same as Hauler box; check if the facility location is also the hauler’s business location.
  7. The Generator/End Use Facility Operator will initial the receipt after verifying the information entered by the Hauler is true and correct.
  8. Generator/End Use Facility Operator will retain a copy of their respective receipt for a period of three (3) years at their place of business.
  9. Hauler: Mail the last copy of Comprehensive Trip Log to CalRecycle within 14 days of the first transaction of this form (Receipt A) even if you have not completed all receipts on the CTL and retain copy for a minimum of 3 years.

You may order additional forms from this site. If you have questions regarding the Used/Waste Tire Program call (866) 896-0600.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline,