TEA Contacts

Primary Contact. The primary contact is the CalRecycle inspector in the tire enforcement agencies (TEA) county. Contact this person for inspection-related questions and other general information on day-to-day activities regarding waste tire enforcement grants. Please see the list of enforcement contacts to find the primary contact for your county.

Grant Manager/Cycle LeadPhanessa Fong is the grant manager/cycle lead for all of California. All correspondence and questions regarding the administration of grants (payment requests, quarterly reports, inspection reports, etc.) should be directed to the grant manager. This will enable CalRecycle to maintain accurate and current central files in Sacramento.

Other Contacts

Additional contacts are provided for all CalRecycle tire programs including reuse and recycling, other tire grants, and tire enforcement.

CalEPA-wide Staff Directory provides a search to find contact information for individual CalRecycle staff.

For more information contact: Tire Enforcement, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov