Recyclable Material Contracts

For more than 20 years, CalRecycle has administered contracts for the collection of certain recyclable materials (scrap paper and scrap metal) for State agencies in certain geographic areas. In July 2017, the Legislature changed the Public Contract Code Sections 12165 – 12167.1 to provide State agencies with the authority to make their own decisions regarding their recycling programs. As a result of these changes State agencies can do the following:

    • Recycling Contracts: State agencies have the ability to contract for recycling services without seeking prior approval from CalRecycle.
    • Recycling Revenues: State agencies have the ability to retain all revenues generated by recycling activities for reinvestment into recycling and composting programs.

To allow State agencies to exercise the flexibility and authority afforded by the recent statutory changes, the remaining CalRecycle managed contracts ended or will end on the expiration dates listed below. They will not be renewed by CalRecycle, so State agencies can enter into their own contracts. All impacted state agencies were notified and offered assistance with their transition. State agencies who need to expand or replace recycling services may contact their assigned CalRecycle Local Assistance staff for assistance.

Material TypeContract NumberGeographic LocationVendor ContactExpiration Date
Scrap Paper & Beverage Container RecyclingDRR14132Sacramento--
Dock Level and In-House
Southside Arts Center
Dispatch: Catherine Sheppard
(916) 387-8080 ext 241
or (916) 248-2464,
Recycling Supervisor: Shannon
(916) 730-4981
Expired March 31, 2018
Scrap Metal RecyclingDRR16040Los Angeles, Ventura,
and Orange counties
SA Recycling
Diane Truitt
(714) 632-2032
September 30, 2018 and replaced by Caltrans
Scrap Metal RecyclingDRR16119San Bernardino and
Riverside counties
Raj Gandhi
(951) 686-2129
Expires March 31, 2019

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For more information contact: Recycling Coordinator,, or Buy Recycled Campaign,