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CalRecycle Welcomes Input on SB 54 Regulations

Packaging makes up about 25% of what we throw in landfills in California.

SB 54 requires that by 2032:

  • 25% of plastic single-use packaging and plastic single-use food ware is cut

  • 100% of single-use packaging and plastic single-use food ware in the state be recyclable or compostable

  • 65% of all single-use packaging and plastic single-use food ware be recycled

Since January 2023, CalRecycle has hosted multiple informational workshops about SB 54 and the informal rulemaking process.

CalRecycle is hosting informal rulemaking workshops to develop regulatory language to guide the implementation of the law.

In January 2024, CalRecycle will begin the yearlong formal rulemaking process.


CalRecycle wants to hear directly from:

  • The packaging industry
  • Local governments
  • Retailers
  • Other interested parties that this new law may regulate

CalRecycle expects SB 54 to impact these groups and more:

  • Single-use packaging and single-use plastic food ware manufacturers
  • Product manufacturers that create their own packaging
  • Retailers that sell products in packaging
  • Grocers and Supermarkets that own packaging labels
  • Online retailers that sell and ship products in packaging
  • Packaging industry associations
  • Owners of trademarks and products with packaging
  • Composting producers and sellers
  • Material recovery facilities
  • Recycling service providers (haulers)
  • Local jurisdictions, cities, and counties
  • Rural, low-income, and disadvantaged communities
  • Environmental protection and ocean advocacy organizations
  • Environmental justice organizations

Participate in Informal Rulemaking Workshops and Formal Rulemaking Hearings

The 2023 informal rulemaking process allows CalRecycle to develop an early draft of the regulations that the formal rulemaking process will build upon starting in January 2024. Tune into the April 25 webinar for your first glimpse at regulatory concepts!

Watch Upcoming Webinars and Workshops 

May 31, 2023

Tentative Agenda May Include:

  • Source Reduction
  • Responsible End Markets

End of June 2023

Tentative Agenda May Include:

  • Covered Material Category List
  • Recyclability and Compostability of Materials
  • Impacts on Jurisdictions and Disadvantaged Communities

Catch Up on Past Webinars

April 25, 2023

• Overview of materials regulated by SB 54
• Presentation of Rulemaking Concepts
• Opportunity for Public Comments

March 2023

• Overview of requirements for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)
• Overview of requirements for Producer Responsibility Plan
• Regulation concepts on PRO Plan components, Annual Reports and Document Submittals

February 2023

• Overview of SB 54 Advisory Board
• Overview of SB 54 Needs Assessment

January 2023

• Overview of SB 54
• Overview of Rulemaking Process
• Overview of Material Characterization Studies

Submit Comments and Questions

Your Chance to Influence SB 54 Regulations
CalRecycle welcomes questions and feedback about SB 54.

Industry experts’ valuable perspectives on the packaging industry will help rulemaking.

CalRecycle reads every comment and welcomes data, facts, and articles to support comments.

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CalRecycle needs your help reaching all interested parties for the informal and formal SB 54 rulemaking process.

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