Instructions for Completing the Odor Best Management Practice Feasibility Report

The following document is intended to provide guidance and serve as a sample for the preparation of an Odor Best Management Practice Feasibility Report (Report) in accordance with Title 14, California Code of Regulations (“CCR”) Section 17863.4.1 and Section 17896.30. It covers the basic components of a Report, including:

  • Gather/Present–Gather and present representative and correlating odor data on potential on-site odor sources.
  • Identify/Rank–Identification of on-site sources that are and are not contributing to odor impacts and a ranking of those contributing to odor impacts.
  • List/Analyze–A listing and analysis of Best Management Practices (BMPs) the operator has and has not used for odor sources contributing to impacts.
  • Plan/Implement–Development of a plan and schedule for implementing recommended BMPs.

By completing the template, you will be able to provide information that is required to comply with the requirement for preparing a Report. Please note that use of this template and some of the methods of collecting data offered herein are not specific requirements of 14 CCR Sections 17863.4.1 or 17896.30 but are provided as one possible method for regulated entities to use to provide what is required to comply with those sections. 


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