Inactive or Discontinued Grants



  • Energy Recovery From Tires Grants
    The Energy Recovery From Tires grants targeted facilities with coal-fired combustion systems needing assistance incorporating or expanding the use of tires as a fuel supplement. For fiscal year (FY) 2002/2003, the final year of the grant program, $1 million was allocated for this program.
  • Landfill Closure Loans
    Provided zero-interest loans to operators of unlined, older-technology landfills interested in early closure of their facilities. No landfill closure loan program (LCLP) funding was budgeted for fiscal year 2011/12. Furthermore, via statue, LCLP sunsets as of July 1, 2012.
  • Multifamily Beverage Container Recycling Grant
    In FY 2008/2009, $15 million in grant funds were awarded to establish beverage container recycling collection programs placing source-separated beverage container recycling receptacles in multi-family housing communities in California. Grants were awarded on a competitive basis. Future solicitations will not be released for this program.
  • Pilot Waste Tire Grant Program
    The California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) receives an annual appropriation from the California Tire Recycling Management Fund to administer the Tire Recycling Act and related legislation. Funds allocated were for grants to LEAs to perform inspection/compliance and surveillance activities at waste tire facilities (WTFs) where LEAs could demonstrate sufficient staff resources, technical expertise, and/or experience with similar projects to carry out the proposed program. The grant program was available FY 1996-97.
  • Playground Safety and Recycling Grants.
    Two grant programs were developed in 2000 to build markets for recycled-content materials and help conserve resources while assisting local agencies in meeting the Department of Health Services’ playground design and safety regulations, established to prevent injuries and meet accessibility requirements.
    • Playground Safety and Recycling Act Grants
    • Playground Accessibility and Recycling Grants
  • Recycling Market Development and Expansion Grants
    This grant program authorized the Division of Recycling to expend up to $10 million annually until January 1, 2007, to award grants for development and expansion activities for the recycling market.
  • Reuse Assistance Grants
    This competitive grant program incentivized local public agencies to promote and apply the concept of reuse to their business communities.
  • Sustainable Building Grants
    Provided local government funding for projects that advanced the use of California’s green building design and construction practices. Grants are no longer offered.
  • Tire-Derived Product Business Assistance Grants Program
    This program was designed to increase demand for tire-derived products by building the capacity and improving cost efficiencies of tire-derived product businesses. Eligible businesses applied for assistance to (1) evaluate and improve their business plan and operations, (2) enhance marketing efforts, and (3) test and certify new products.
  • Tire Product Commercialization and Applied Technology Grants
    Provided funding to research institutions, businesses, and other enterprises to promote the commercialization of new and existing tire-derived products.
  • Tire Equipment Loan Program
    Provided loans to California tire manufacturers and processors for purchasing equipment that would be used to produce tire-derived material and products.

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