C&D Recycling Toolkit for Contractors

Heavy construction equipment moving dirt on construction siteChapter 501, Statutes of 2002 (Kuehl, SB 1374) required CalRecycle to develop tools that general contractors could use to increase diversion of C&D debris as well as to develop a model C&D ordinance for local jurisdictions. Other tools are available for local governments and processors.

C&D waste diversion can save builders money. Some materials have scrap value or may be cheaper to recycle than to dispose because of their weight. An effective waste management plan is key to cost-effective C&D recycling. If your jurisdiction has a C&D ordinance, be sure to make yourself familiar with its provisions because you may be held to a specified level of recycling. There are a number of useful tools and guides available to help builders and contractors plan for C&D reuse and recycling.

In order to achieve your C&D waste diversion goals and to potentially save you money, the following tools have been compiled.

Know Your Waste Stream

Contractors should know what materials will be generated during the project. Several fact sheets have been developed for many of the common materials generated. These fact sheets provide some some general background and information on markets for recycling.


Use specifications to spell out the project’s recycling goals, assign responsibility, set penalties and delineate other issues.


Plan ahead to determine where you are going to collect your material and where you are going to take it for recycling.

  • Job Site Recycling–Information for setting up your job site for recycling C&D.
  • Recycling plans are available to accompany the CMRA master specifications for both construction and demolition projects.
  • Local Recycling Coordinators–Select either the Jurisdiction or County to get a list of Contacts for the selected area.

For more information contact: C&D Program Staff, cdrecycling@calrecycle.ca.gov