More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • How do I become certified as a rural region recycler or neighborhood drop-off program?
      The Program has adopted emergency regulations that implement these new categories of recycling centers. The emergency regulations were adopted in January 2000 and clarify the requirements needed to be certified as a neighborhood drop-off program or a rural region recycler. In order to become a certified rural region recycler or neighborhood drop-off program, your recycling operation must be located in a designated rural region. If you are interested in knowing if you are in a rural region, call 1-800-RECYCLE and ask for the Convenience Zone Section. You may also call 1-800-RECYCLE and ask for the Industry Services Branch for information on certifying as a rural region recycler or neighborhood drop-off program.
    • Given the new material types added to the program, how will recycler price sign requirements change?
      A notice, dated December 20, 1999 was sent to recyclers explaining price sign requirements in detail. Effective January 1, 2000, recyclers are required to post a price sign for aluminum, glass, bimetal, and individual prices for each of the seven plastic material types. Recyclers should refer to the Commingled Rates notice dated December 1, 1999 for information on the plastic material types and the appropriate CRV payments. The notices can be faxed to you by calling 1-800-RECYCLE.
    • Will recycling centers have to change their logs for all the different plastic types?
      Recyclers will have to record and pay CRV on the different plastic types. Each purchase of a plastic material type will require the recycler to record a separate transaction. The Recycler Operating, Recordkeeping, and Accounting Requirements manual has been revised and sent to recyclers in mid-January. All new recordkeeping changes will be incorporated and sample receipts and logs will be included in the updated manual.
    • As a processor, where do we dispose of plastic beverage containers after January 1, if there are no markets?
      Call 1-800-RECYCLE and ask for the Market Research Section for a list of plastic end-users. If there is no market for a particular plastic resin type (#2 –#7), processors should contact the Market Research Section to advise their intent to dispose. No processor shall dispose of any empty beverage containers or authorize a recycling center to dispose without prior authority from CalRecycle.
    • As a recycler, where do we dispose of plastic containers and receive the appropriate program payments?
      Recycling centers cannot dispose any empty beverage containers without the authorization from a processor. Recyclers must find a processor to accept the material to receive the appropriate program payments. A processor can authorize a recycler to dispose after their request to dispose has been approved by the Program. A notice regarding disposal of recycled beverage containers was mailed to recycler and processors on December 27, 1999. A copy may be faxed to you by calling 1-800-RECYCLE. When calling, recycling centers may ask the Industry Services Branch to send a current listing of certified processors which identifies the material types accepted.

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