Toll-Free Telephone Line for Reporting Fraudulent Beverage Container Recycling Activities

In an effort to help reduce illegal activity in the beverage container recycling program, the Division of Recycling has set up a toll-free tip hotline. To report suspicious recycling activities, please call us toll-free at 1-866-CANLOAD

Any of the following activities could be fraudulent and should be reported:

  • Importing beverage containers from outside of California
  • Hiding large quantities of used beverage containers
  • Recycling beverage containers that came from outside of California
  • Recycling currently baled or previously baled beverage containers
  • Recycling beverage containers that have already been recycled
  • Improper record keeping practices at recycling centers
  • Recycling beverage containers that were never filled with a beverage
  • Vehicles with license plates other than from California that are carrying loads of used beverage containers
  • Activity at a recycling center after normal business hours
  • Commercial or self-haul type trucks being used to deliver beverage containers to a recycling center

When reporting the fraudulent activity, please provide the following:

  • Names and descriptions of individuals
  • Address or location where activity occurred
  • License plate number and description of vehicle(s) involved
  • Description of illegal activity taking place, as well as time and date it occurred

The Division of Recycling provides recyclers and processors with a free copy of this fraud reporting sign. By posting this sign at their place of business, recyclers and processors can help discourage fraudulent recycling activities. To obtain a sign, print the PDF files below, or complete the fraud sign request form.

If you have a 11″x17″ or 8 1/2″x14″ color printer, you can open the following pdf files to print your own:

Wanted for recycling fraud in English
Wanted for recycling fraud poster in Spanish

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