Requirements of Certified Operators

  • Keep your certificate posted at your recycling center and/or processing facility.
  • Post the certification sign or decal as required.
  • Post prices paid for all materials accepted and hours of operation as required.
  • Accept all beverage container types indicated on your application.
  • Properly inspect all materials you accept and redeem.
  • Keep proper receipts and logs of material accepted and redeemed.
  • If you move or change the ownership, you must request to decertify in writing and submit a new application to the Division to recertify.
  • Closing your business requires a written request to decertify. Your request must include the effective date of decertification.

You must notify the Division IN WRITING if you change:

  • Ownership or sell your business
  • The name of your organization
  • The type of organization
  • The contact person, partners, or corporate officers
  • The agent for service of process (corporations only)
  • Your business name
  • The hours of operation
  • The method of operation, including changes relating to the type of equipment or staffing
  • The business or mailing address
  • The business or residence telephone numbers
  • The business status from certified to operational or if you choose to decertify.

The requirements listed above do not cover every aspect of the law. It is the responsibility of the operator to read and understand the statute and all applicable regulations. Failure to comply with the statute and/or regulations may result in fines and possible civil penalties. If you need clarification, please call the Certification Section at (916) 324-8598.

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