Contacts for Beverage Distributors & Manufacturers

Registration Product Determination CRV Labeling

General Questions
(916) 323-1835

Registration Fax
(916) 319-7400


To determine if your company is a beverage manufacturer and/or beverage distributor, as defined above, please fill out an online version of the registration form or download and complete the pdf version of the form and submit it to the location noted on the top of the form.

After your registration form is received, a Recycling Specialist will be in contact with you. If your company is determined to be a beverage manufacturer and/or distributor, you will receive reporting identification number(s) and can begin reporting and paying processing fees and/or CRV.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the Registration Unit via phone at (916) 323-1835 or via email at

Participant Management

General Questions
(916) 323-1837

Participant Management Fax
(916) 319-7600


Tip Hotline: Toll-free 1-855-380-9172

If you know of a company manufacturing, importing or distributing beverages in California who is not registered or does not appear to be in compliance, contact us at 1-855-380-9172 or by email

Please provide company name, business address and phone number, if available.