Sample Waste Reduction Policy for Exhibitors and Concessionaires (Del Mar Fairgrounds)


In an effort to address environmental concerns, reduce waste-related expenses, and promote an environmental ethic to the public, this facility maintains a policy of mandatory waste reduction and recycling for all exhibitors, vendors, and concessionaires. Violators of this policy will be fined $100 per incident for not recycling the products as specified below. Continued violation of the policy can be grounds for revoking your facility use permit.

Cans and Bottles

Please empty your aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic beverage containers and place them in the designated recycling receptacles provided for public use located throughout the facility.


Please break down (flatten) all corrugated boxes and keep them in your vendor area for pickup by facility staff, or place them in any recycling bin marked “cardboard.” Do not place them in public view or in walkways. Noncorrugated cardboard (thin cardboard) can be flattened and recycled in the mixed paper bins (see below). Food contaminated cardboard is not recyclable.

Mixed Paper

Clean, dry newspapers; flattened noncorrugated cardboard (thin cardboard) boxes; programs and magazines; flyers; and other paper can be recycled in any bin marked “mixed paper” or left in a separate corrugated box for pickup by facility staff. Do not place them in public view or in walkways. Plastic-coated, metal-coated, or food-contaminated paper is not recyclable.

Food Waste

Any fruit or vegetable food waste must be placed in the containers marked “composting only” for pick-up by facility staff. Meat bones and fats are NOT compostable. Please contact the concessions office to schedule the collection of deep-fry grease and donations of reusable unserved food to charity. Food for donation should be stored safely for end-of-day pickup by the food bank volunteer. Food donation may be tax deductible, so save your receipts. The food bank volunteer determines what is acceptable material.


Small-necked plastic beverage bottles can be recycled with cans and glass in the designated recycling receptacles throughout the site. The distribution or sale of food/drinks using nonrecyclable plastic containers, cups, plates, and utensils is prohibited. Several companies offer alternative food service products that are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Please contact the concessions office for a list of suppliers.

Additional Information

When purchasing supplies for use at this facility, please look for products made from recycled-content materials. The concessions office has free information on “buying recycled.”

This facility and your customers appreciate your help in meeting our waste reduction goal and conserving the resources of our community.

For more information contact, the Office of Public Affairs,