Authorizing Eligibility for Notification Tier


Sites and operations that meet specific qualifications are eligible for the notification tier rather than a solid waste facility permit.

Title 14, Section 18103.1(2), requires that submittal of a notification contain information regarding the site’s “authorizing eligibility.” In other words, which regulation is being cited to confirm that an operation qualifies for the notification tier.

The following chart identifies which section of Title 14 should be referenced in the notification. If the notification form (CIWMB 169) is used, the information in the right-hand column should be included in the field titled “authorizing eligibility.”

For your convenience, a list of the “authorizing eligibility” citations has been added to the reverse of the notification form, CIWMB 169.

Authorizing Eligibility Chart

Please cite only one of the following Title 14 regulations when filling in the “authorizing eligibility” box of notification form. Note: Read the entire text of the applicable regulations, including relevant definitions, before submitting or accepting the notification form.

Type of FacilityName of Notification TierTitle 14  "Authorizing Eligibility"
Agricultural Material Composting Operations (all)Section
Green Material Composting Operations (less than or equal to 12,500 yd3)Section 17857.1
Biosolids Composting Operations at POTWs (all)Section
Research Composting Operations (less than or equal to 5,000 yd3) Within-vessel (greater than 5,000 yd
3 with EA determination)
Section 17862
Chipping and Grinding Operations (less than or equal to 200 tons per day)Section 17862.1(a)
Contaminated Soil
Contaminated Soil Transfer/Processing Operations (all)Section 17362.2
Emergency Transfer/Processing Operations (all)Section
Sealed Container Transfer Operations (all)Section
Limited Volume Transfer Operations (less than 60 yd3 or less than 15 tpd)Section
Secondary Material Processing OperationsSection 17403.3.2
Nonhazardous Ash
Nonhazardous Ash Transfer/Processing Operations (all)Section 17377.2
> Construction and Demolition/Inert
Small Volume C&D Wood Debris Chipping and Grinding Operations (less than 200 tpd)Section 17383.3
Small Construction and Demolition/Inert Debris Processing Operations (less than 25 tpd)Section 17383.4
Inert Debris (Type A) Processing (less than 1,500 tpd)Section
Emergency Construction and Demolition/Inert Debris Processing Operations (all)
Inert Debris Engineered Fill OperationSection 17388.3
In-Vessel Digestion [Definitions]
Research In-Vessel Digestion Operations (all)Section 17896.8
Dairy In-Vessel Digestion Operations (all)Section 17896.9
Distribution Center In-Vessel Digestion Operations (all)
Section 17896.10
Limited Volume In-Vessel Digestion Operations (less than an average of 15 tons of solid waste per operating day but not more than 105 tons per week)Section 17896.11

Also see the Permit Tier Placement Chart for a full list of the permit tiers.

Notification Tier

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