Local Jurisdiction Waste Diversion and Recycling Outreach Materials


Want ideas on promoting local and State government waste diversion and recycling outreach programs? If so, then select the links listed below. These links and PDF files will lead you to various waste diversion and recycling outreach materials created by California jurisdictions. Outreach materials may include brochures, fact sheets, pamphlets, newsletters, handouts, and other publications that promote recycling, reuse, and waste reduction.*

Also see SB 1383 Education and Outreach Resources for outreach materials created by CalRecycle and Local Government related to SB 1383 Implementation.

Alameda County

City of Burbank

City of Chula Vista

Contra Costa County Community Development Department

City of Fresno Recycling Outreach Video and Audio Clips

Transcripts are using Microsoft Indexer (From the top left menu choose “Timeline”, from top right menu choose “View”, and then “Accessibility” to see the transcript).

Los Angeles County

City of Milpitas

City of Oakland Public Works Agency, Oakland Recycles

San Bernardino County Waste Reduction/Recycling Information

San Francisco Zero Waste Toolkit for Successful Participation

San Mateo County Office of Sustainability Waste Reduction

*The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)’s intent is to be a clearinghouse only and not to restrict the use of the materials listed. CalRecycle has permission from the above jurisdictions to provide downloadable files or links to the outreach materials or web pages listed on this page. This permission enables other entities to use this material.

For more information contact: Local Assistance & Market Development, LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov or (916) 341-6199.