Profiles of Model Used Oil/HHW Projects

These model project profiles highlight “best practices” and “lessons learned” from CIWMB grant-funded programs. We encourage you to adopt these strategies which have significantly increased the collection of used oil, filters, and household hazardous waste. Adapt them to fit your community’s needs.

HHW Projects

Used Oil and Used Oil Filter Recycling Projects

Creating Effective Messages for Used Oil Recycling Outreach and Education
Community Based Social Marketing test pilots, designed to increase oil recycling participation in Los Angeles and Napa Counties, produced dramatic, measurable results. Find out how “Take the Last Step” stickers increased the return of free used oil collection containers by 22 percent and how “testimonials” from satisfied customers increased curbside oil collection by 248 percent.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes: Perfect Venue for Oil Recycling Education
English as Second Language teachers used a fun, interactive lesson called “The Family Car” to instruct their students about proper disposal of used motor oil and filters. The result: used oil collection increased five percent at surrounding auto parts stores.

Oil Filter Exchange Event Partnerships with Certified Collection Centers (CCC)
The City of Los Angeles is partnering with the CSK Corporation (Kragen) to conduct oil filter collection/exchange events at Kragen auto parts stores within the city limits. Within one year, collection of used oil filters in the city rose from 4,250 to more than 12,000, resulting in the recycling of 18,300 pounds of steel and 11,700 pounds of oil. This represents an increase of 182 percent!

Building Relationships with Auto Parts Businesses Spikes Oil/Filter Collection (Commitment Letters)
Long Beach and four other cities aimed to increase Latino used oil and filter collection in their communities. By building outreach partnerships with 221 auto parts stores, certified used oil collection centers, and other auto-related businesses, these five cities cumulatively increased their oil collection by 38 percent and oil filter collection by 55 percent.

Household Hazardous Waste Projects

Santa Clara County’s Retail Fluorescent Lighting/Battery Collection Program
Santa Clara County (SCC) recruited 36 retail stores and community centers to provide residents with free collection of batteries and fluorescent lighting. Funded by a CIWMB grant, SCC’s Recycling Partners Program collected almost 38,000 pounds of fluorescent lamps and more than 9,400 pounds of batteries from residents over an 18 month period.

HHW and Used Oil Grants

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