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Welcome to CalRecycle’s recycled content construction products catalog! This site is intended to help specification writers, architects and planners design with durable, energy efficient and lasting products for environmentally sustainable construction projects.

If you’re in need of products to meet CALGreen, the US Green Building Council’s LEED requirements, or just want to help “close the loop”, this site can be a resource to your project. It is organized in alphabetical order by category of building materials with quick contact information so you may easily contact the company that carries products of interest.

This list of products/materials also includes the CALGreen recycled content minimum, where applicable, in parentheses.

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Aggregate Base (80 percent postconsumer content)

Carpet Products

Ceilings and Wall Coverings

  • Ceilume uses up to 100 percent thermoformed materials in its ceiling panels and tiles and its new wall panels. The company recycles all of its scrap and takes back scrap from customers, creating a closed-loop life-cycle. Facility in Graton, California. Contact or Retail Consumers: (800) 492-5605 or Professionals: (877) 492-5605.

Coatings and Sealants

  • Crossfield Products Corp. makes membrane for waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and other construction elements. Facility in Rancho Dominguez, California.
    Contact: or (310) 886-9100
  • ReRubber makes infrastructural waterproof coatings from recycled tires. Facilities in Ontario and San Bernardino, California. Contact: or (909) 786-2811


Drywall (4 percent postconsumer content)

  • CertainTeed makes recycled content gypsum drywall. Facility in Napa, California.
    Contact: (800) 423-3127 

Erosion Control and Retention Products

Flooring, Surfaces and Walkways

Glass, Tile and Brick

  • UltraGlas uses recycled glass in various applications. Facility in Chatsworth, California.
    Contact: (818) 772-7744
  • Fireclay makes recycled content tile, glass and brick. Facility in San Francisco, California.
    Contact: (800) 773-2226

Insulation, Fiberglass (30 percent postconsumer content) and Cellulose (75 percent postconsumer content)

  • UltraTouch Denim Insulation is a thermal/acoustic insulation product with an 80% post-consumer recycled content; applicable for both sound control and thermal insulating projects. Product includes both recycled denim fibers and recycled carpet fibers from California sources. Headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.
    Contact: or (480) 812-9114
  • CertainTeed makes recycled content fiber glass insulation. Facility in Chowchilla, California.
    Contact: (559) 665-4831

Landscape and Lumber

Additional Landscaping Resources

Blending Compost into on-site Topsoil: Cost-saving Guidance

Paint (≥ 50 percent postconsumer content)

  • Acrylatex Coatings and Recycling makes Life Cycle interior/exterior recycled latex paint and Tag-Out graffiti abatement paint. Facility in Azusa, California.
    Contact: (888) 824-6880 or (626) 812-0191
  • Amazon Environmental makes Amazon Select recycled latex paint. Facilities in Fridley, Minnesota, Pryor, Oklahoma, Sacramento, California, and Riverside, California.
    Contact: or (916) 922-0206 (Sacramento) or (951) 588-0206 (Riverside).
  • Dunn-Edwards sells Recover interior/exterior recycled latex paint that conforms to Green-Seal GS-43 standard and is manufactured by Amazon Environmental for Dunn-Edwards. Facility in Los Angeles, California.
    Contact: (888) 337-2468
  • Visions Paint Recycling offers a variety of interior/exterior paint products in a wide range of colors and styles (including low-VOC paint and primer).  Facilities in Sacramento, McClellan, and Oroville, California.
    Contact: or (916) 564-9121 (Sacramento) or (530) 227-7138 (Oroville).

PaintCare lists locations that offer recycled paint.

Parking Stops

Pipefittings (Plastic and Metal)

  • ADS makes “MEGA GREEN” HDPE pipe offering a minimum recycled content of 40 percent. Facilities in Alviso, Bakersfield, Benicia, Madera, and Parris, California.
    Contact: or (419) 424-8275
  • Mission Rubber Company manufactures rubber products used in sewer, drain waste and vent applications. Recycled tire is used in the production of its flexible pipe couplings. Facility in Corona, California.
    Contact: or (951) 479-4942. 

Reuse from Deconstruction

  • Demo 2 Design Building Materials sells high quality reused and vintage materials that add character to your building, including doors, windows, sinks, lighting fixtures, lumber, railing, hardware, and vintage décor, providing customized functional structures and designs using these materials. Facility in Santa Barbara, California.
    Contact: or (805) 886-6865
  • Greenlynx sells deconstruction reuse items such as reclaimed building materials, decor, furnishings, and appliances. Facilities in Northern California.
    Contact: or (415) 890-5880
  • Recycled Movie Sets offers doors, frames, glass, mirrors, staircases, columns, jail bars, lumber, faux brick and stone sheets. Facility in Los Angeles, California.
    Contact: (323) 497-9557
  • Urban Ore Building Materials reuses and sells a wide array of deconstruction and dealer inventory materials including doors, windows, toilets, tubs, sinks, cabinets, lighting, and all types of hardware. Thirty-eight employees to efficiently serve customers. Facility in Berkeley, California.
    Contact: or (510) 841-7283 or (510) 914-0074
  • More Reuse Building Material Sources



Tire-Derived Products and Buyer Case Studies

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