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Local Assistance and Market Development

Local Assistance and Market Development Contacts (LAMD)

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Statewide Contacts

Branch Chief:
   Cara Morgan (916) 341-6253
Section Managers:
  Mitch Delmage (916) 341-6290 Bay Area Section
  Kristin Yee (916) 341-6444 Central Section
  Ken Yee (916) 322-0613 North Section includes (Imperial, Riverside and San Diego Counties)
  Jennifer Wallin (562) 492-9685 South Section includes Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Note: Office is located in Long Beach
Technical Seniors:
  Jennifer Caldwell (916) 341-6490
  Krysty Emery (916) 341-6684
  Marshalle Graham (916) 341-6270
  Robin Williams (916) 341-6202
General Information:  
  Phone: (916) 341-6199
  Fax: (916) 341-6667
  Contact for Questions: Leticia Gallegos

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Last updated: January 14, 2014
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Local Assistance & Market Development: (916) 341-6199