Engineering Support Services / Solid Waste Facilities, Sites, and Operations

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery’s Closure and Technical Support Section (CTS) provides services and assistance to LEAs on implementation of regulations and statutes to protect public health, safety and the environment when involving closed, permitted landfills.

CTS areas of expertise include:

  1. Solid waste site closure and remediation, including site inspection, enforcement and review of closure plan requirements and technical documents to ensure compliance with applicable state minimum standards.
  2. Solid waste site design, construction and operation.
  3. Postclosure land use considerations and permitting.
  4. End use of waste-derived materials including civil engineering applications at landfills and other sites, including alternative daily cover and biosolids land spreading.

CTS provides the following services to solid waste local enforcement agencies (LEA), site owner/operators and other interested parties and individuals:

  1. Technical and engineering review of solid waste landfill closure and postclosure maintenance plans.
  2. Review and recommendations concerning landfill gas monitoring and control systems.
  3. Review of disposal site postclosure land use proposals and technical assistance on case histories of successful postclosure land use projects.
  4. Field evaluation and technical review of landfill design, construction and construction quality assurance (CQA).
  5. Technical review and guidance on clean closure and landfill mining projects.
  6. Guidance on postclosure final covers and environmental restoration and revegetation.
  7. Guidance on inspection and enforcement at closed and closing disposal sites and trickling requirements.
  8. Review and guidance on financial assurance mechanisms, closure plan timelines, to meet closure requirements and permit closure plan findings.

The staff of the CTS consists primarily of engineering geologists and waste management engineers. County assignments can be found in the county assignments list. For more information on the services provided by the CTS, contact Michael Wochnick, PE.

For more information contact: LEA Support Services,