Waste Tire Management System (WTMS)

The Waste Tire Management System (WTMS) database is a comprehensive system that collects information from internal and external sources regarding the storage and safe hauling of waste or used tires. As a local tire enforcement agency (TEA), this site provides an easy access to information about waste tire businesses. This secure database contains inspection reports submitted by CalRecycle or local tire enforcement agency inspectors. Whether the reports are submitted in paper format or electronically, they can be viewed through WTMS.

Access WTMS Portal

Sign in if you are a TEA that has accessed WTMS before.

First-time TEA users: You must be approved to use the system and sign up for a password called a WebPass. The WebPass allows you to use your email address and a single password to sign in to many secure CalRecycle webpages and services. Each inspector needs his or her own WebPass.

  • Step 1: Request WTMS access from your CalRecycle Tire Enforcement staff contact. They will review your request, and if approved, you will receive an email to create an account and password (WebPass). If you already have a WebPass, you still need to approval from staff for WTMS.
  • Step 2: Complete the WebPass application, submit it, and you’re ready to go!
  • Step 3: Sign in on the WTMS sign-in page using your WebPass and enter your inspection report or view business information.

Search Options (For TEAs or Public Use)

While access to WTMS is limited, some data contained within the database is available to all tire businesses and the public. WTMS allows searching of all facilities/sites by multiple criteria, including location, Tire Program Identification number (TPID), etc.

Search for Registered Haulers. Search for a registered waste tire hauler in your area. Any person who transports 10 or more waste or used tires at any given time on a public road is required to be registered with CalRecycle. Participating businesses must be registered as a tire hauler, or utilize the services of a registered tire hauler.

Search by Tire Program ID number (TPID)Search for a registered waste or used tire generator, hauler, or end-use facility. Anyone who generates, stores, or delivers/disposes waste or used tires need a unique identification number assigned by CalRecycle to participate in the waste tire manifest program. Learn more about TPID.

Questions? Contact the Waste Tire Hotline by email (wastetires@calrecycle.ca.gov) or phone at (866) 896-0600

Features of WTMS

CalRecycle developed this electronic system with the tire community and enforcement agencies in mind.

  • Private and secure. A unique WebPass assigned to each tire inspector allows data to be submitted electronically. All information sent over the Internet is protected using powerful encryption technology.
  • Available 24/7. You can submit data any time and from any computer. The system is open for business and searchable around the clock.
  • Compatible. The tire enforcement agency is not required to buy special software. All you need is a personal computer, an Internet connection, and a browser, such as Firefox, Explorer, or Safari.
  • Saves paper. The electronic system reduces the need to collate and attach multiple pieces of paper and supporting documentation.
  • Confirms report submission instantly. When you are ready to submit your inspection report to CalRecycle, the system checks your data for completeness. If there is missing information, you won’t be able to submit the report.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov