Used and Waste Tire Haulers: Tire Management

State law requires every person who transports 10 or more used/waste tires to hold a valid waste tire hauler registration. The law also requires compliance with the provisions of the used and waste tire manifest program. Effective January 1, 2006, all registered waste tire haulers must possess copies of the Comprehensive Trip Log form during the transportation of used/waste tires and transport the tires only to authorized facilities. State law requires persons receiving 10 or more used/waste tires from unregistered haulers to report the hauler to CalRecycle.

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Statute requires annual used/waste tire hauler registration which is valid through the calendar year (December 31). Persons intending to become waste tire haulers must register prior to hauling used or waste tires. Since the January 1, 1995 implementation date, approximately 7,500 waste tire hauling vehicles have been registered annually. Information on each of these haulers is maintained on the Hauler Search.

Registration requires the completion of a waste tire hauler registration application, CalRecycle Form 60 (download below). There is no fee to apply for a waste tire hauler registration. However, the applicant must purchase a surety bond for the amount of $10,000. The waste tire hauler surety bond, CIWMB Form 61 (download below), must be submitted with the application for waste tire hauler registration. CalRecycle has compiled a list of companies that are willing to write bonds for registering waste tire haulers.

If you are a Commercial Carrier and wish to obtain a Back-Haul Exemption from the waste tire hauler registration requirements, you may complete the form below and submit it to CalRecycle. This exemption is only for hauling used or waste tires on the return trip of a destination load. The Commercial Carrier is still required to manifest loads of 10 or more used or waste tires within California borders. Additionally, if you are an Agricultural Tire Hauler wishing to apply for an exemption for Agricultural Tire Hauling you may use the same application form below. As with the Common Carriers, Agricultural Tire Hauler is also required to manifest loads of 10 or more waste or used tires.

Temporary Registration of Alternate Vehicles

The Waste Tire Hauler Registration Application, CalRecycle 60 (see above), includes a request for a temporary certificate for the use of an alternate tire-hauling vehicle. The waste tire hauler registration must be current for the year in order to obtain a temporary certificate. If the registration is current, CalRecycle may issue a single temporary registration certificate, specifically assigned to the registered waste tire hauler. This certificate will bear the hauler’s company name, address, registration number, and the year the certificate is valid, and will not be transferable to any other party.

Below is the Waste Tire Hauler Notification of Use of Temporary Registration Certificate which needs to be completed within two days of the use of an alternate tire-hauling vehicle.

Manifest System

Effective July 1, 2003, all waste tire generators, haulers, and end use facilities must comply with the California Uniform Waste And Used Tire Manifest System.

As of January 1, 2006, the form requirements for the program changed. Haulers now must carry completed copies of the Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) form (CalRecycle 203) when hauling waste or used tires. Haulers can now order CTL forms, free of charge, on line, by phone, or mail.

Manifest (CIWMB 647) and tire trip logs (CIWMB 648) may no longer be used.

Amnesty Program

Pursuant to the Public Resources Code (PRC), Section 42954 (a)(7) Local Enforcement Agencies (LEA) are authorized to issue an exemption for waste tire hauling to individuals that will be hauling waste tires on a one-time use basis to a local disposal site or amnesty day event in their jurisdiction. For more information on this program see letter to LEAs.


CalRecycle tire enforcement staff, the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and tire enforcement agencies (TEA) inspect and investigate waste and used tire generators, end use facilities, and haulers that pose a threat to the public health, safety, or the environment. In addition, CalRecycle enforcement staff and TEAs are responsible for initial educational visits regarding waste tire manifest system violations. The CHP also provides statewide aerial surveillance of tire piles. Staff may initiate enforcement actions if violations are found.


CalRecycle is responsible for investigating complaints regarding tire haulers or storage/facilities. If you think you have a valid complaint, please E-mail us at  Include the following information and attach any evidence that you may have.

  • Name of the Person/Business the Complaint is Regarding
  • Date/Time of Violation
  • Location of Violation Observed
  • License Plate Number & Vehicle Description
  • Quantity of Tires
  • A brief statement describing the nature of your complaint

Please include your contact information in the E-mail, should CalRecycle staff have any further questions regarding the nature of the complaint.  CalRecycle will ensure that you remain anonymous.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline,