Waste/Used Tire Manifest Program

The waste tire manifest system program applies to all persons, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies that generate, transport, or receive waste or used tires. Links on the left provide information on the Waste Tire Manifest Program. Below you will find more detailed descriptions on what is included on this website.

Program Participants. This page is a good starting point for new program participants. It includes information to help generators, haulers, and end-use facilities determine their role in, and requirements for, the waste tire manifest program.

Search Registered Haulers. Search for a registered waste tire hauler in your area. Any person who transports 10 or more waste or used tires at any given time on a public road is required to be registered with CalRecycle. Waste Tire Manifest Program participants must be registered haulers, or they must utilize the services of a registered hauler.

Tire Program ID (TPID). All participants need a TPID in order to complete the required forms. This page includes a description of this CalRecycle-issued number and information on how to obtain one. Search for assigned TPID numbers.

Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL). The CTL form (CalRecycle 203) is used to report the transportation of waste or used tires from the generator to the end use facility. The CTL forms are free of charge and may be ordered on line, by email wastetires@calrecycle.ca.gov, by phone (866) 896 0600, or mail.

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT). EDT allows authorized haulers to submit CTL forms electronically to CalRecycle using either a web-based or batch option.

Waste Tire Management System (WTMS). This secure database collects information about waste and used tire businesses from a variety of sources, including tire inspections. While access to WTMS is limited, some data is available to all tire businesses and the public. WTMS allows searching of all facilities/sites by multiple criteria, including location, TPID, etc. All inspection reports, whether they are submitted in paper format or electronically, can be viewed by approved tire enforcement agencies through the WTMS portal.

Training and Assistance. This page provides information, resources, and links to help you comply with Waste Tire Manifest System program requirements. CalRecycle has prepared a comprehensive guidance manual and training materials for program participants. The manual (both in English and Spanish) can be downloaded or ordered by mail and provides detailed instructions on how to complete the required forms.

Enforcement. CalRecycle and tire enforcement agency staff members, inspect and investigate waste and used tire generators, end use facilities, and haulers to ensure that manifests are properly completed, handled, and submitted to CalRecycle (See comprehensive trip log). Staff may initiate enforcement actions if violations are found (See enforcement orders).

Background. This page provides the history, legislative mandate, and development of the Waste Tire Manifest Program. In addition, it will include information and links on how data collected by CalRecycle is reconciled and enforced.

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