CalRecycle-Approved Templates for Disposal Tonnage Modification, Certifications and Other Reporting Guidelines

CalRecycle’s Local Assistance and Market Development staff has developed a series of templates to assist jurisdictions when claiming changes to reporting-year disposal amounts, or preparing a new model source reduction and recycling element (SRRE). These templates assist CalRecycle in evaluating jurisdictions’ claims in a systematic and consistent manner. Below each template name is an explanation for when it should be used.

Old templates are no longer accepted; please recycle them!

Disposal Forms

  • Disposal Reporting System (DRS) Templates. The CalRecycle disposal reporting templates are offered to assist you in meeting the disposal reporting requirements of Title 14, California Code of Regulations (CCR), Sections 18800-18814.11. The revised regulations became effective January 1, 2006.
  • Household hazardous waste collection forms (Form 303): Each jurisdiction in California is mandated to complete a CalRecycle Form 303 annually for the period of July 1 through June 30. The form gathers data regarding the amount of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), including Universal Waste (UW) and other related waste collected by local programs and the methods for managing these waste streams. Each jurisdiction is also encouraged to complete and submit to CalRecycle a voluntary survey on program collection and disposal costs and other information of interest annually
  • Report-year disposal modification certification (CalRecycle 876). A jurisdiction uses this template when requesting to change its report-year disposal amount as reported in CalRecycle’s Disposal Reporting System (DRS) in order to calculate an annual per capita disposal.

Jurisdiction Forms

  • Five-Year CIWMP or RAIWMP Review. The CIWMP or RAIWMP addresses waste management conditions within the respective county or regional agency. It also provides an overview of the actions that will be taken to achieve the diversion requirements of Public Resources Code (PRC), section 41780 and to maintain 15 years disposal capacity. Statute requires that the elements comprising the CIWMP and RAIWMP be reviewed every five years after the original CIWMP or RAIWMP approval date, and revised, if necessary. CalRecycle maintains a Five-Year CIWMP or RAIWMP Review Report template, CalRecycle 709–as a tool to assist counties and regional agencies to review and report on the adequacy of their planning documents and the need, if any, for revision.
  • Petition for Rural reduction requirements provides the following guidelines identifying the information that a jurisdiction should submit to CalRecycle to substantiate its petition for reduced disposal requirements for 2008 (and beyond), as well as other relevant information.
  • Model Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE) Guidelines. The jurisdiction may follow the guidelines and CalRecycle’s Model Source SRRE Template, designed for use by either a newly incorporated city that needs to submit a SRRE, or by a jurisdiction that needs to revise its SRRE.
    Note: If you are a newly incorporated city or are a jurisdiction that is joining or leaving a Regional Agency, please contact your LAMD representative to determine what you would need to submit and to determine how your 50% equivalent per capita disposal target will be calculated.
  • CalRecycle Guidance Documents This section of the library provides information produced by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to provide assistance in meeting the Integrated Waste Management Act.
  • CalRecycle Forms Homepage CalRecycle forms are currently listed and linked from the sites of the programs that use them. Please use the following links to find the forms you need, or contact the forms coordinator for assistance (see bottom of page). Some forms may be listed in more than one place if they are used by more than one program.


  • New Base Year Guidelines and New Base Year: Generation study does not include extrapolation. Template. A jurisdiction uses this template when requesting to change its CalRecycle-approved base year to a more current year, or when submitting a generation study to calculate an annual diversion rate and none of the diversion tonnage was based on extrapolation.
     With the implementation of SB 1016, the Per Capita Disposal Measurement System, CalRecycle will only accept new base year studies commenced prior to June 30, 2008. A jurisdiction may conduct a generation study for internal review purposes; however, CalRecycle will not review it for compliance determination.