Rural Jurisdiction Waste Disposal Reduction Resources

Note: This page contains the updated information about the definition of Rural Counties, as defined in the Per Capita Disposal Measurement System, SB 1016.

Rural jurisdictions—bookmark this page! This is the home for information and ideas directed toward the rural city, county, or regional agency. The links to the left connect you to information on achieving the goals of California’s Integrated Waste Management Act (IWMA), including rural assistance, successful diversion programs, grants and loans available to rural jurisdictions, as well as other useful links.

The Rural Challenge

The IWMA requires California jurisdictions to achieve 50 percent waste disposal reduction. California’s 39 rural jurisdictions and 28 counties, and 15 rural regional agencies, face special challenges in meeting this requirement. Low population densities and small tax rolls, as well as long distance costs to collection facilities and recycling markets, make implementing cost-effective, solid waste diversion programs more difficult. Rural counties currently account for 4.7 percent of the total waste disposed in California.

This site will help rural jurisdictions share ideas about what works to reduce waste, locate available funding to implement programs, and apply for other assistance.

  • Who Is Considered Rural?  Here you’ll find information on key Public Resources Code sections and definitions for rural cities, counties, and regional agencies.
  • Successful Rural Diversion Programs: CalRecycle resources to learn about successful solid waste diversion programs.
  • Rural Market Development Resources: Resources to build rural markets for recycled materials.
  • Rural Reductions: Information on the Petition for Rural Reduction and other relief measures provided by law.
  • Petition for Reduced Diversion Requirements for Rural Jurisdictions
  • Rural links: Web sites of special interest to the rural jurisdiction.

For more information contact: Local Assistance & Market Development, or (916) 341-6199.