CalRecycle provides a number of reports and information to assist local government (as well as businesses) to reduce disposal, conserve resources, and help California meet its waste reduction goals. Please visit Local Government Central to find reports under specific topic areas. The following links take you directly to the reports that are available:

Local Jurisdiction Diversion Program Reports

  • Annual report, electronic (EAR). CalRecycle staff developed this tool with local government users in mind. It enables jurisdictions to fill out and submit their annual reports from the convenience of their Internet-connected personal or workplace computer.
  • Diversion Programs System Diversion Program Reports on Web. The Diversion Program reports page gives reports about a jurisdictions programs, status, and a summary of waste diversion programs. Definitions of Diversion Programs Terms and Codes aid understanding of the reports.
  • Five-Year Review Report Template (Form). The purpose of this template is to document compliance with these regulatory review and reporting requirements. The county or regional agency may use this template as a tool in its review, including obtaining Local Task Force (LTF) comments, on areas of the CIWMP or RAIWMP that need revision. See Five-Year Review Report Guidelines for more information.

Diversion and/or Disposal Rate Reports

Disposal Reports

  • Disposal Reporting System (DRS) Web Reports The following Disposal Reporting System (DRS) reports are based on information reported by permitted facility operators and compiled by county/regional agency disposal reporting coordinators.
  • Jurisdiction Disposal and ADC Tons by Facility This report provides the annual estimates of the disposal amounts for jurisdictions in California as reported by County/Regional Agency disposal reporting coordinators. The report shows the total amount disposed by the jurisdiction at each disposal facility for a requested year .
  • Statewide Disposal Amounts. Disposal Import, Export, Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) and Alternative Intermediate Cover (AIC) Tonnage chart for annual solid waste disposal.
  • The Waste Characterization Database. The database provides estimates of the types and amounts of materials in the waste streams of individual California jurisdictions in 1999. This database is designed to provide local governments with a tool to look at what's being disposed in their waste streams to help them plan how to divert materials from disposal and conserve resources. It looks at disposed waste only, so materials that are typically recycled are not included in this data.

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