Processors buy empty beverage containers from:

  • Certified recyclers
  • Drop-off or collection
  • Community service
  • Curbside programs

They pay these programs, at a minimum, the CRV payment plus possibly a scrap price.
In addition to buying materials from recyclers, processors prepare recyclable materials for sale to end-users, where recyclable materials are converted into new products.

Alternative Reporting Methods

Processors and recycling centers can report material purchases to CalRecycle using an alternative method. 
Processors and recyclers must submit a completed application for the specific reporting method they want approved.
There are two alternative methods:

  • Glass Cleaning. Claiming CRV on loads of glass with greater than 10% contamination [14 CCR, Section 2425 (h)].
  • Material Allocation. Used in lieu of completing a separate shipping report for each delivery of material purchased from multiple:

CalRecycle considers each proposed alternative methodology application and issues a written approval or denial within forty-five (45) calendar days of receipt.

Data Tools

  • Beverage Container Recycling Program Locator (updated continuously)
    Beverage Container Programs searchable data: Recyclers, Processors, Dropoff or Collection Programs, Community Service Programs, Curbside Programs, Agencies.

Glass Cleaning Application

The Glass Cleaning Process application is how a processor requests and gets approval for an alternative method of preparing shipping reports (DR6) for payment.
The Glass Cleaning Process Application is needed for processors purchasing commingled glass:

  • With residual or other contamination levels greater than 10% by weight that are eligible for refund value
  • That is from:
    • Certified dropoff or collection programs, including a “waste reduction facility,”
    • Certified community service programs, or
    • Registered curbside programs (CS).

Processors can receive program payments on this material if:

  • The glass can be cleaned to 10% or less contamination by weight and
  • They have an approved Glass Cleaning Process.

To apply, fill out the Glass Cleaning Process Application (CalRecycle 742).

Submit your application to:

Division of Recycling
Curbside Section
801 K Street MS 15-59
Sacramento, CA 95814-3533

Or call (916) 323-2271 regarding questions.


Important Information



Notice of Disposal

Notice of Disposal requires processors to submit to CalRecycle a written notice if they intend to dispose of empty beverage containers that are part of the CRV program. (California Code Regulations Title 14, Section 2410)

  • CalReycle has 10 days to review the request.
  • Processors cannot dispose of beverage containers without written authorization.

CalRecycle 847: Rejection and Request to Dispose of Empty Beverage Containers

Other Information

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