Program Codes Glossary

Go to the Programs Code Glossary section for a description of all the typical diversion programs. You will probably see programs that you have not, but should be, reporting. To make sure all are reported, please include all the programs and facilities used by the residents and businesses within your jurisdiction, not just those that are funded by or located within your jurisdiction. If the program code is not currently on your Diversion Programs System printout, please add the code and list it as alternative program.

The program codes glossary is intended for use by jurisdictions as a reference tool for preparing Annual Reports. The  program codes glossary was created by the local assistance staff of the Integrated Waste Management Board to give a general description of the types of diversion programs included in each Diversion Programs System program code. For more information about program types, call the Annual Report Coordinator at (916) 341-6199 or the local assistance staff contact person for your jurisdiction.

To view a specific component of the program codes glossary just select the component heading as shown by the list below.

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For more information contact: Local Assistance & Market Development, or (916) 341-6199.