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Statewide Contacts

Branch Chief
Name Phone
Cara Morgan(916) 341-6253
Section Managers
Name PhoneArea
Julie Trueblood(916) 341-6535North Section--Also includes three southern counties: Imperial, Riverside, and San Diego.
Joseph Rasmussen(916) 341-6214Central Section
Ken Yee(916) 322-0613Bay Area Section
Jennifer Wallin(562) 492-9685South Section--Includes Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Note: Office is located in Cerritos.
Technical Seniors
Name Phone
Chris Bria(916) 324-3560
Curie Canuela
(916) 324-6373
Michelle Cevallos(916) 341-6785
Arlene Iwahiro(916) 322-8000
Frank Severson
(916) 341-6259

General Information

Phone: (916) 341-6199
Fax: (916) 341-6667
E-mail: LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov

Support Staff: Leticia Murphy

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